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Akron Florist - Pam's Posies Wedding Trends for 2017

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Akron Wedding Florist - Pam's Posies - Wedding Trends for 2017

As your Akron Wedding Florists, We break down the Wedding Trends for 2017

Akron Wedding season is upon us. We are already working with so many amazing brides for the 2017 season and we wanted to share some of the trends we are seeing. This year we are seeing a major shift in wedding trends. Here are some of th

AkronWedding Floral Designer Nathan for Pam's Posies Decorating Entrance

e things brides can consider when planning their dream wedding.

Make a statement for your wedding guest at the entrance!

In the past the trend has been to keep the flowers at the altar where the wedding ceremony was held. In 2017 the trend is to create an entrance to your venue to set the mood for the entire ceremony or reception. If you want to create maximum impact at your ceremony or wedding reception, ask your florist to create a stunning statement entrance.

Romantic Weddings are Back in a Big Way:

The way to get the romantic feel back into your wedding flowers is to have all your flowers full bloom. Beautiful peonies, roses, soft greenery, and whimsical pops of color and texture all add to the romantic feel. The romantic feel is also much more flowing, gone are the days of tightly bundled flowers. Larger more free form arrangements are taking center stage.

Hanging Wedding Floral Arrangements:

Akron Wedding Florist Hanging Romantic Wedding Arrangements

Large table arrangements can make it hard for your guest to see each other when sitting. Many are turning to arrangements that are hung over areas to create a beautiful statement. Consider finding ways to capture this trend with your ceremony flowers and also at your reception. For instance you can create an arbor over the head table, or depending on your venue, hang the arrangements throughout the reception area leaving more room on the tables.

Akron Wedding Florist - Textured Greenery for Wedding Flowers

Textured Greenery:

More brides are using greenery in their wedding ceremony and reception flowers. Greenery is a great way to stretch a wedding flower budget, giving brides fuller arrangements. Greenery can also add that needed texture to give your flowers that extra wow factor. It is also in line with the Romance trend. Adding elements of whimsy and additional color. Greenery also has a magical ability to bring the outside in. 

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