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Akron Florist - the Pam's Poises Difference

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Akron Florist Pam's Posies offers our Freshness Guarantee.

Akron Florist Pam's Posies Fresh Flowers

When ordering flowers online there is virtually no way to know where they actually came from or how long it took them to make the journey.  Much like how our fruits and vegetables are distributed, flowers can often be housed in warehouses for extended periods of time.  Getting as close to the source of the flowers can be a challenge, but it is so important if you want your flowers to last.

Have you ever had roses from a drugstore or supermarket that never opened?  

Chances are you have.  That is a good way to gauge how fresh those flowers were.  They were probably kept in a cooler for weeks before they made their way to an arrangement in the store.  You can see how many flowers end up not being very fresh at all by the time they are purchased.

Our flowers last because we have them shipped to Pam's Posies direct from the growers. Most flowers come from South America via Miami into the United States. Then they are distributed and sold from importers to wholesalers throughout the country. The flowers may sit in Miami for a week. From there they are trucked to a local wholesaler, which may also have the flowers sit in a cooler for a week or more, and then sold to a local florist. 

Are you getting the idea why some flowers don't last? At Pam's Posies we cut out all the middle-men to get long-lasting fresh flowers within a day or two of being cut, not weeks! Our buying process is the reason we have grown our business each and every year. Our flowers last! We ask you to make the call and find out why we put smiles on our customers faces daily.

Fresh Flowers Guaranteed from your Akron Florist Pam's Posies

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