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6 Great Flowers for a Spring Wedding

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Akron Florist Pam's Posies Picks for Spring Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of your wedding. From the bridal bouquets to boutonnières, decorating the ceremony space and the reception, you'll want the freshest and highest quality flowers for your dream wedding. We put a few tips and tricks for choosing the best flowers in season in May.  Pam's Posies will take your spring wedding to a whole new floral fantasy.

6  Unusual Flowers Our Akron Florists at Pam's Posies LOVE for Spring Weddings.

#1 Windflower

Akron Wedding Florist Pam's Posies Windflower Bouquet

Following the bridal trends for 2017 using more whimsical flowers with different textures and colors are the rage. The Anemone flower is the beautiful memory of the beautiful Greek god, Adonis on earth. The story is easy to believe because of the stunning unique look of this flower. They could be a nice splash of deep color in your floral arrangements.  

Name: Anemone Nemorosa

Color: White, Pink, Purple

Meaning: Anticipation

#2 Lady’s Mantle

Akron Wedding Florist Pam's Posies - Whimsical Wedding Flowers

Getting on the texture band wagon, Lady's Mantle is an inexpensive way to add that beautiful foliage to your arrangements. With blooms that look is simple enough to be filler and ornamental plant in your decors, but they are quite a sight to behold in their own right. Alchemilla or Lady's Mantle are a striking light green color that will liven up the wedding.

Name: Alchemilla Mollis

Color: Yellow green

Meaning: Magical

#3 Calla Lily (Zantedeschia, Arum Lily)

Akron Wedding Florist Pam's Posies

Calla lilies are thought to be a symbol of purity. It is a wonderful choice for a wedding.  They are a fragrant flower that add a simple elegance to any arrangement. 

Name: Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Color: White

Meaning: Beauty

#4 Cockscomb

Do you want to add the ultimate splash of color and texture to your wedding flowers?  The Cockscomb flower highlights a unique personality. The Coxcomb can be brilliant  bright colors and even dive deep into the burgundies. The jewel tones are in line with the wedding trends for 2017. We liked this option because it is fairly inexpensive and has a lot of impact for your dollar.  

Name: Amaranthaceae

Color: Purple, Pink, Burgundy, Orange, Yellow

Meaning: Fiery, Flaming

#5 Cornflower

Akron Wedding Florist Pam's Posies - Cornflower Sample

The Cornflower is another jewel toned option with a lot of texture for your May wedding.  In  ancient mythology a young ladies would get the man of their dreams through this flower is a statement of its popularity and power to attract people.

Name: Centaurea cyanus

Color: Blue, Purple

Meaning: Prosperity & Fortune

#6 Lilac

With beautiful texture, vibrant jewel tone color Lilacs are a splendid pick for a spring wedding.  Lilacs are small flowers growing together in a beautiful shrub. When you used a bunch of them they create an essence of romance and give you that cascading effect with your flower arrangements. These small delicate flowers are simple but the buds have a soft fragrance and a soothing effect.

Name: Syringa Vulgaris

Color: Deep purple, Lavender

Meaning: Love, Youth, Innocence

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