Easter is Sunday, March 31st!

Favorites in Easter

Shop our elegant selection of Easter flowers and gifts. A wonderful way to bring brightness to your loved ones, send a celebration, or set a table. Same-day delivery and customization are available from your trusted Akron & Dover florist, Pam's Posies. We are here for you.

Sending Easter flowers and gifts from Pam's Posies in Ohio is a delightful way to celebrate the spirit of renewal and new beginnings that Easter represents. Pam's Posies offers a charming selection of floral arrangements and thoughtful gifts that capture the joy and warmth of this special holiday. Whether it's a vibrant Easter bouquet filled with pastel blooms or a gift basket brimming with chocolates and Easter-themed goodies, their offerings embody the essence of Easter's hope and celebration.

Pam's Posies takes great care in crafting Easter floral arrangements that reflect the season's beauty and significance. From lilies and tulips to cheerful daffodils, their arrangements showcase the colors and freshness of spring, making them a perfect addition to Easter festivities. Pair these lovely blooms with Easter-themed gifts like plush bunnies or gourmet treats, and you have a heartfelt way to share the joy of Easter with loved ones near and far. Sending Easter flowers and gifts from Pam's Posies is a warm and thoughtful gesture that adds a touch of beauty and happiness to this special holiday.

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