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A Fresh Take on Custom Flower Orders: Designer's Choice

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Ordering fresh flowers online or over the phone

Yesterday, a guest called to ask what kind of flowers she should have delivered for her sister opening a new business. She’d seen a picture online of a tall arrangement and was wondering if she should click on the picture she liked to order or if it was best to call and order over the phone.

This is a question we get asked all the time, and we tell our guests we want them to order based on whatever is easiest for them. We’d love to chat on the phone, but also love easy orders that come through on our website (it’s true, we adore all orders!).

Designer's Choice

I also shared with our guest something as fresh as the roses in our cooler – that’s REALLY fresh— we’re offering, called the Designer’s Choice bouquet.

Choosing the Designer's Choice Arrangement

At Pam’s Posies, we have two locations and a team with more than 125 years of combined floral artistry experience, traveling and continuing their education perfecting their craft (you should ask Paula about the years she spent teaching floral art on cruise ships!).

Designer’s Choice bouquets—priced as low as $35—showcase the art of our floral team, while allowing us to use the freshest and seasonally available flowers. And here is the not-so-secret I shared with our guest—with Designer’s Choice, you’ll always get free delivery!

Ordering in the fall? Your bouquet might have sunflowers, burgundy spray roses, snapdragons and fugi mums—all in rich fall tones. Or ordering in the summer months? Your bouquet might contain white hydrangeas with a mixture of pink roses and lilies.

But no matter the season, our Designer’s Choice gives our artist a blank canvas to create your masterpiece—for any occasion, backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We look forward to seeing you soon, friends.

Love & blooms,

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For over 30 years ago, Pam’s Posies has created beautiful art with flowers. Pam’s Posies is a family owned, locally trusted, full-service florist that specializes in floral artistry and Akron flower delivery for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to sympathy and funeral flowers.

The floral designers at Pam’s Posies have more than 125 years of combined experience. They have a passion for sharing styles that encompass creativity through floral trends with a strong attention to detail. The team has received floral artistry awards and offers same-day flower delivery for Akron, Ohio that can be ordered online, by phone, or at our Akron flower shop.

From unique florals like lilies and hydrangeas and to classics like roses and indoor houseplants, Pam’s Posies strives to bring its customers extraordinary flowers and gifts. Thank you to our customers who’ve become part of the Pam’s Posies family. We look forward to welcoming you soon to our Akron flower shop!

“We are a local, family owned business, and we want our customers to feel part of the family. Over the years, we’ve had the honor to share in our customer’s best and toughest days—and hope no matter what the occasion, we can bring a little joy with our quality and designs,” – Greg Rees, Owner of Pam’s Posies

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