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Plants & Flowers That Make Your Home Feel Warm & Welcoming

The excitement and anticipation of welcoming a house guest or a new neighbor into town are unlike any other. While you make a plan of your favorite local spots to introduce them to and iconic sights and attractions to show them, don’t forget about gifting symbolic flowers and plants to symbolize hospitality, welcome, and friendship. Colorful blooms or fresh greens are not only a beautiful sentiment to leave in a guest room or bring as a housewarming present, but botanicals have a natural way of making any new place feel like home. Here at Pam’s Posies, we have a few ideas for uplifting and reinvigorating plants and flowers to signify a warm welcome.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


Like many botanicals, eucalyptus doubles as trendy home decor and an inviting symbol for guests. Eucalyptus is known for its calming yet reinvigorating aroma, but did you know it also represents protection, strength, and abundance?


This whimsical, fresh, pale purple plant brings the ultimate relaxation and comfort into any room. Lavender is the perfect housewarming gift or way to welcome guests into your home because it represents purity, serenity, and tranquility, which is unbeatable after a stressful day of travel or moving.

Money Tree

As one would guess, money trees are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and luck. However, money trees also enhance a room with positive energy while purifying the air around it. Your visitors will find peace and harmony in the money tree, and your new neighbor will enjoy a refreshing houseplant ready to enhance their future.

Bonsai Tree

Similar to money trees, bonsai trees are symbols of luck and are truly welcoming and inviting plants to display in the home. Bonsai trees can be seen as living works of art or miniature landscapes that fit beautifully into any decor. They make great housewarming gifts since they also represent peace, happiness, and harmony.


These vibrant, tropical plants are the epitome of hospitality, kindness, and abundance. Symbols of welcome, anthuriums are shaped like an open heart, representing the willingness to warmly greet friends into your home or neighbors into your community.


Tulips are a springtime favorite, and as such, they often represent rebirth, which is a lovely sentiment for someone beginning a new chapter or embarking on a new journey. When selecting the best tulip arrangement for your guest room or housewarming gift, keep in mind the symbolism of each colored tulip. Orange tulips represent warmth, while pink tulips signify non-romantic love and good wishes. You can never go wrong with yellow tulips, as these symbolize friendship, prosperity, good luck, and cheerfulness.


Like tulips, chrysanthemums often rely on the color of their petals to send the perfect message to the recipient. While chrysanthemums represent friendship, joy, and optimism, yellow chrysanthemums bring happiness, celebration, and high spirits and often mean “you are a wonderful friend.” Green chrysanthemums symbolize good fortune, good health, and rebirth.


Wisteria is a vine that offers small, enchanting, fragrant purple/blue blooms that symbolize welcome. Growing wisteria in your front yard is a vibrant and quaint way to welcome visitors, guests, and neighbors to your home. Gifting wisteria in a pot of soil to a new neighbor is also an endearing way to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Tidying up the guest room and giving new friends a warm welcome into the neighborhood is incomplete without a glorious plant or flowers from Pam’s Posies. Check out our favorite symbolic blooms to convey the perfect sentiment and make your town feel like their home.