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Colorful Blooms that Go Perfectly With Popular Baby Shower Themes

There are so many baby shower themes to choose from that you may have trouble deciding which one is best for the mom-to-be and guests. You can select a specific theme, such as an animal or favorite movie character, or you can keep it more general and go for a feeling or nice overall vibe instead. Whichever you decide, your friends at Pam’s Posies¬†are here to help. We know that the one essential element that makes all baby showers truly outstanding is fresh flowers. Beautiful flowers, just like beautiful babies, are unique, amazing, and delicate. The preciousness of newborn life is represented by the preciousness of the flowers. To discover the miraculous effect flowers can have on baby showers, keep reading for some truly inspiring floral themes and suggestions.

This Is How to Make Your Baby Shower Stand Out

Boho Blooms for Nature-Loving Baby Shower Vibe

A boho baby shower is all about free spirits, happiness, and going with the flow. Comfortable seating, lots of natural elements, plenty of plants and greenery, and gorgeous, soft, romantic blooms are in order here. Think of large, lush peonies, dahlias, zinnias, mums, and garden roses paired with lots of greenery such as ferns, bells of Ireland, and eucalyptus. Branches with vines, wildflowers, natural linens, and wood elements are all good choices.

Flowers for Rustic-Themed Baby Shower

For a charming rustic vibe, think of farmhouse-style elements such as tin buckets or watering cans and wooden elements such as old signs or crates for holding flowers. Metal lanterns full of flowers, heirloom pillows, blankets, table linens, and small containers of succulents will look great for this theme. Bright, charming blooms such as sunflowers, daisies, cosmos, daffodils, Craspedia, and mums will all look great and tie this rustic theme together for something unique and delightful guests, and mom-to-be will enjoy.

Perfect Blooms for Baby Boy Baby Shower

You can choose all blue flowers such as delphinium, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, or hydrangea for a stunning bouquet, or a simple arrangement of white and blue roses will create a stunning look. You aren’t just limited to blue, though. Select colorful orange and yellow tulips, mums, or daisies for a bright, bold look. Whichever you decide, your flower choices will set the mood and stage the scene, making it easy for you to base the rest of the decor on your flower choice.

Pretty Blooms for a Baby Girl Baby Shower

Pink is the traditional color for baby girls, and pink roses are very sweet, especially when paired with white roses, as well. For a soft, graceful look, choose pink and white peonies and ranunculus, and for a bold, bright look, dark pink and purple tulips will draw a lot of fun attention. Base the rest of your decor on the flowers you choose, whether they are light pink, dark pink, lavender, purple, or white. These are all great colors for a baby girl’s baby shower.

Awesome Flowers for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Neutral-colored blooms are just as beautiful as any other colored flowers. Neutral shades lend a sophisticated and trendy vibe to celebrations. Think of a monochromatic arrangement of white and cream roses or peonies, or peach-colored ranunculuses paired with soft peach roses and cream-colored garden roses. Soft yellow, peaches, creams, greens, and light oranges are all wonderful neutral tones that are perfect for baby showers where the sex of the child is not yet known. Choose a neutral flower arrangement with lots of greenery and dazzle the guests with your creativity and ingenuity.

Deciding on a beautiful and trendy baby shower theme is easy. Selecting colors and flowers will help lead you down the path to choosing the small details and broad theme for the baby shower. When it’s time to purchase flowers and centerpieces, check out our collection of quality blooms here at Pam’s Posies.