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Brighten A Loved One’s Stay in the Hospital with Flowers – Here’s How

When a loved one is in the hospital, a sure way to bring a little brightness and good cheer to them is by sending flowers. A beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms can boost their mood and encourage them to heal with joy-inducing, colorful blossoms. Plus, flowers are known to lift spirits and make people feel happier longer. Sending fresh flowers to someone in the hospital is one of the best things you can do for them, which is why the floral experts at Pam’s Posies are providing you with the ultimate for how to send someone get-well flowers. Below are tips on how to navigate hospital policies for flower deliveries, which flowers communicate the appropriate message, and the best types of flowers to send for those who may have allergies.  

What to Know Before You Send Get-Well Flowers

  1. Select bright, colorful blooms. Cheerful and vibrant flowers like gerbera daisies and mums will brighten any hospital room and put a smile on the recipient’s face.
  2. Keep it compact. When it comes to small hospital rooms, compact, round bouquets are better than open, wide ones. Round designs ensure your beautiful blooms won’t interfere with any medical equipment or get in the way of a medical professional’s work.
  3. Request a durable container. While glass or ceramic vases are pretty, they could be a hazard if dropped or knocked off a bedside table. Instead, choose a more durable container to avoid breakage or messes.
  4. Choose hypoallergenic blooms. Some flowers like Asiatic lilies have a lot of pollen and are very fragrant, which could aggravate someone who is allergic. This includes hospital staff and visitors along with the patient. Play it safe and choose hypo-allergenic flowers such as mums and carnations when sending a bouquet to the hospital.
  5. Send flowers they’ll keep. Long-lasting blooms and low-maintenance plants are just right because they will last a while, especially a plant. These are gifts the recipient can bring home when their hospital stay is over.  

Oh, what a fine day it will be when you have this delightful spring bouquet delivered to someone special. Everyone will delight in the vibrant colors and bountiful blossoms, all thoughtfully arranged in a beautiful leaf-lined vase.Send Symbols of Your Love

Think about the message you want to convey and choose flowers that symbolize the appropriate sentiment. Below is a list of popular get-well flowers and their meanings:

  • Heather: This beautiful plant with deep blue or purple bell-shaped blooms symbolizes good luck and protection.
  • Peonies: Representing healing and good health for a happy life, peonies have big, showy blooms in a variety of pleasing pink and pastel colors. 
  • Roses: The warmth of orange and yellow roses sends a message of well-wishing and hope for a joyful future.
  • Irises: Featuring bright, happy hues, irises are symbols of good news and a promising future.
  • Yellow tulips: Cheerful and sunny yellow tulips radiate hope and happiness. 
  • Daffodils: Symbolizing new beginnings and eternal life, daffodils are charming and bright star-shaped blooms.

Get away from bouquets as usual and choose this tropical adventure strikingly served up in a beautiful bamboo box. Exotic. Exciting. Extremely beautiful!

Once you’ve selected the perfect get-well bouquet, or you opted for our Designer’s Choice bouquet where our expert floral designers create an original Get-Well design with beautiful seasonal blooms, you’ll want to make sure the delivery of your blooms goes smoothly. To do this, call the medical center before ordering flowers to request their best delivery times, as well as your loved one’s room number. Be sure to communicate the name and address of the medical center, the recipient’s full name, and their room number to the floral professionals at Pam’s Posies. We will take care of the rest, ensuring prompt, professional delivery with a smile. 

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