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Blooming Celebrations to Honor International Women’s Day

You may have heard that March 8th is International Women’s Day! And we’re major advocates for celebrating this day in your own unique way — whatever speaks to you. Whether that’s giving a shoutout to the inspiring women in your life, making a difference in your community, or taking some time for personal growth, it’s your day to flourish. At Pam’s Posies, the top florist in Akron, we know that flowers are perfect for any special occasion, and IWD is indeed a special occasion. Springtime stems can perfect any ambiance, inspire growth and change, and convey some of the sweetest messages of admiration we’ve ever seen. So, however you plan to honor IWD, do it with purpose and make an impact one petal at a time.

Organize a Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser for women-focused charities is the perfect way to get into the IWD feels. Pick a cause that really speaks to your soul, whether it’s an organization about smashing gender norms, boosting education access, or leveling the healthcare playing field. It’s your chance to make a real-world impact and spread some major vibes of empowerment. Take this prime opportunity to shed some light on the issues that matter most to women and get your community talking about the work that still needs to be done. And for that extra touch of chic, don’t forget to deck out your event space with fresh flowers to set the mood.

Throw a Party

Although you never need a reason to gather your friends and throw a party, IWD can be a beautiful celebration of women — honoring how far they have come, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and the incredibly inspiring stories behind your favorite heroines! So, curate a guest list with people who want to commemorate IWD, lift up each other, dance, chit chat, make new friends, expand their network, and maybe even try that weird appetizer recipe you saw on TikTok. While every party needs some floral arrangements to set the tone, you can also opt for a flower bar for guests to make their own creations and bond over blooms.

Host a Meaningful Meal

Another way to get your girls together is to plan a brunch, lunch, or dinner out on the town! While you savor the flavors of delicious eats and sip sensational cocktails and mocktails, share your wins, plan your route to success, and toast to the power of sisterhood. Bring your ladies flower bouquets to show how much they mean to you or adorn the table with seasonal favorites to enhance the elegance and make the meal extra Insta-worthy. Of course, this get-together should take place at a women-run restaurant! It’s IWD, and what better way to support women than dining at a female-led establishment?

Set Personal Goals

IWD offers the perfect excuse to hit the pause button, cozy up with a fluffy blanket, and dive deep into your aspirations. There’s truly no better occasion to pamper yourself, light up that special candle, brew a steaming mug of your beloved coffee or tea, and enjoy the scent of the freshest flowers from your local florist (hint, hint). Whether you opt for a solo goal-setting session or invite your bestie to join you on this mission, the mantra for the day is to aim for the stars with unshaken belief in your potential. Let this day be your personal spa for the soul, where you gear up for the exciting journey ahead with self-love and ambition as your travel companions.

Send Flowers

Sending flowers on IWD is the trend we’re here for. It’s about turning your gratitude and love into a symbolic, aesthetic statement that screams, “You mean the world to me.” Whether it’s for the powerhouse women in your life, the mentors who’ve guided you like a GPS of wisdom, your unbreakable support squad, or your partner in adventure, each bouquet is a story of gratitude, love, admiration, empowerment, and heartfelt emotion.

On IWD, Pam’s Posies is here to help you cherish every moment of unity, root for one another, and cultivate a future where kindness and gratitude flourish — one bloom at a time.

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