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Romantic Blooms for Year-Round Romance: How to Drop Hints “Just Because”

There’s something so endearing about a romantic bouquet of flowers showing up at your doorstep without any particular reason. The effort it takes for your partner to select the best symbolic flowers and craft a sincere card message can make you feel like you’ve landed in your favorite rom-com. But what if receiving gifts isn’t your partner’s love language or stopping by your local florist isn’t on their radar? Not to worry – here at Pam’s Posies, the top flower shop in Akron, we’ve always got your back. If you’re looking to drop a few hints to your partner, take a look at our guide below, and you’ll soon be enjoying fresh flowers “just because.”

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. You want a floral birthday surprise
  2. It’s almost your half birthday
  3. You rescued a kitten
  4. It’s Friday night date night
  5. You received high marks on your college dissertation
  6. You were offered a leadership role at work
  7. After crushing your presentation at work, you still weren’t offered the promotion
  8. What happened to Womancrush Wednesday?
  9. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day with your partner
  10. They’re going out of town while you and the kids stay home
  11. You’ve been out of town with your girls and are excited to come back home
  12. You just closed on your new house
  13. Spring cleaning is all wrapped up, and you want to add flowers around your home
  14. They’re asking for forgiveness after an argument
  15. You’re revamping your cooking skills, and dinners have been simply delicious
  16. It’s The Bachelorette season premiere
  17. It’s your wedding anniversary
  18. A lot went wrong this week
  19. You received an “all clear” from the doctor
  20. You were quoted as an expert in a popular online magazine

How to Drop Hints

  1. Comment on the romance and charm when your friends receive flowers
  2. Tell them who your favorite neighborhood florist is
  3. Make a point of sharing your favorite type of flower and mention, “These blooms will always bring a smile to my face and brighten up any occasion!”
  4. Mention that it would make you really happy to have fresh blooms around your home. There is a fifty-fifty chance of getting the hint across.
  5. Sit them down and clearly explain, “Flowers always make me happy, whether it’s a special occasion or just as a reminder of your love. It would mean a lot to me if you picked out more floral arrangements for me. I’ve set up a few calendar reminders and included my favorite seasonal blooms to make it easy.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. You want to choose the perfect blooms for your home
  2. You’re unattached and fully deserving of beautiful blooms
  3. You’re giving yourself closure after signing divorce papers
  4. The movie Clueless taught you how to win over your crush
  5. There is a luxurious bottle of wine waiting for you at home
  6. You’re feeling fabulous and confident
  7. Your nails and toes are looking fresh after your mani-pedi
  8. You’re debt free!
  9. It’s time to close your laptop and unplug for the weekend
  10. Treating yourself to Mother Nature’s gifts is an excellent form of self-care
  11. You’ve added “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus to your Spotify playlist
  12. You’ve swept, vacuumed, dusted, and sanitized your home
  13. Your home has a fresh look and feel after you redecorated
  14. The kids are out of the house for the night, and you’re planning a romantic evening
  15. You want to turn your bad day around
  16. You’ve had a lovely morning and a successful afternoon
  17. The Eras Tour was just as incredible as you imagined, and you want that “Lavender Haze” to live on forever
  18. You finished unpacking and began laundry the moment you returned from your week-long trip
  19. You’re preparing for your favorite season
  20. You saw the most perfect floral bouquet on social media

Who says that surprising your partner with flowers should be reserved for Valentine’s Day? All throughout the year, you can always find a reason to celebrate with fresh, romantic, and sweet flowers from Pam’s Posies – even if it’s simply “just because.”