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Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Closest Friends

Whenever it’s time to take out the Valentine’s Day decor, we can’t help but instantly be transported back to childhood. The excitement of exchanging cute and colorful valentines with all your schoolmates, oohing and awwing over the creative notes and tasty treats, is a core memory for so many of us! As we get older, there is no reason why we cannot extend this fun tradition into adulthood. This Valentine’s Day, send love to all of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. But this year, we say trade in the paper valentine for something more refined, and Cupid’s arrow will hit everyone on your list. The experts here at Pam’s Posies, the top florist in Akron, OH, have the Cupid-approved flower gift-giving guide for every kind of love in your life.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Besties deserve flowers on Valentine’s Day, too! And when on the hunt for the best blooms to blow your best friend away, we suggest starting with color. Yellow, for example, represents happiness, positivity, lightheartedness, joy, and of course, friendship. Alstroemeria, sunflowers, lilies, or orchids are perfect for a fresh and uplifting flower design. But if you ask us, you truly cannot go wrong by sending yellow roses to your BFF to let them know just how much they mean to you.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Kick off the season of love by celebrating the special ladies in your life ahead of Valentine’s Day on February 13th — Galentine’s Day! On a day designed to make sure we let our gal pals know just how much we value and respect them, send the important women in your life a special floral delivery. When picking out a bouquet, consider stems that are pink, blue, lavender, green, and of course, yellow to signify femininity, peace, admiration, friendships, grace, and harmony.

Gift Ideas for Men

This Valentine’s Day, we say trade in the beef jerky or ties for something they can cultivate and admire! Gerbera daisies, iris, carnations, and even sunflowers can be an unexpected delivery that lets your favorite guys know exactly how you feel about them. But if you are looking for an even more masculine floral gift, look towards blooming plants. Orchids, peace lilies, succulents, and many others are great gifts for men to convey that they are the object of your affection.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Help set the scene for a romantic Valentine’s Day with enchanting blooms for the inspirational or budding partners in your life. Sending a spectacular bouquet of roses or lilies can enhance their day in an expected and thoughtful way. This blossom-filled embellishment will certainly let them know you are glad to have them in your life as a collective.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Now when you find a solid, thoughtful, and trustworthy neighbor, we all know you want to hold onto that relationship. They add to our quality of life and can even help us during our times of need, so be sure to express your gratitude. This Valentine’s Day, say “you’re great” with flowers! A sweet arrangement in peach or their favorite-colored blooms will certainly share your genuine appreciation for their neighborly love.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

When you spend nearly forty hours a week with your co-workers, it is no surprise that you build bonds and unbreakable friendships with the people you work with. And with a holiday that often falls on a day at work, like Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure you celebrate those special bonds you’ve created. Liven up your office and spread cheer with captivating and eye-catching bouquets for your closest co-workers or sweet and simple designs for all the men and women you work with to enjoy. Sending orange blooms, like calla lilies, hibiscus, gerbera daisies, and birds of paradise, are the ideal office florals representing success, passion, excitement, and enthusiasm and boost productivity.

For all of life’s special moments, including Valentine’s Day, flowers make a delightful, chic, and kind gift. You can find an exclusive and elegant arrangement or a simple and traditional bouquet to send just the right message to any special person in your life, no matter your budget. Personalize your blossoms with the experts here at Pam’s Posies in Akron and Dover.