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Statement Blooms to Impress Your Man This Valentine’s Day

It’s time to spice things up and gift your man something unexpected yet deeply touching this Valentine’s Day. According to Interflora, only a small fraction, 12% to be exact, of men have ever been gifted flowers. But the tide is turning, as evidenced by the Society of American Florists, where 60% of men expressed joy and excitement about receiving a bouquet of flowers themselves. Pam’s Posies, the top florist in Akron, is ready to help “WOW” your man this year with a stunning collection of stems, from colorful gerbera daisies and tropical blooms to classic and romantic red roses. With sights that delight and scents that stir up sweet, fond memories, gift your man a Valentine’s Day bouquet that touches his heart.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies add a joyful pop of color and a dash of romance to Valentine’s Day bouquets for men. Interstingly, gerbera daisies starred in a study that explored the power of flowers, proving that fresh blooms enhance men’s communication skills, prompting more eye contact and richer, more meaningful conversations. Available in a wide array of bright hues, you can pick a color that whispers a heartfelt sentiment or one that is simply his favorite.


Anthuriums are the perfect statement stems for Valentine’s Day thanks to their heart-shaped blooms and romantic color palette complete with reds, pinks, and whites. Their elegant allure makes them a top pick for any day devoted to love. One of the best qualities of anthuriums is their hardy petals, which offer a long bloom life, meaning your token of love will stay as fresh as your feelings, day after day.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise will infuse his bouquet with a splash of the tropics and remind your man of a favorite beach vacation or honeymoon. These striking, exotic orange flowers symbolize the joy, optimism, creativity, and passion he brings to your life. Choosing these to celebrate Valentine’s Day also says you’re not afraid to venture off the beaten path in your adventures together.

Red Roses

Nothing speaks the language of love quite like red roses, the quintessential emblem of deep affection and timeless romance. Present them to your boyfriend or husband to express your true love for him. These beautiful, classic flowers can signify cherished milestones of your relationship based on the number of stems in the arrangement. For instance, three red roses can reflect a three-month anniversary, ten red roses equal perfection, 12 roses say “be mine,” and 24 red roses mean “I’m yours.”


Orchids, with their luxurious appearance, are a refined way to say “I love you.” With layered meanings, orchids are a thoughtful choice for conveying your feelings and expressing your emotions to your man. Whether selecting a color that he’s fond of or one with specific symbolism, they add a romantic touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration. While red orchids whisper of deep desire, purple ones speak of your deep admiration. Exuding a calming presence that soothes the soul, these blooming plants will look striking in his office or in his home.

The floral and romance experts at Pam’s Posies are your Valentine’s Day cupids, eager to assist you in selecting a gift that he’ll adore.

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